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Cover by Mark Badham-Moore
Internal illustrations by Terry Martin

Mark Badham-Moore, Jane Crane, Christine Dickinson, Adrian Lazell, Terry Martin, Siân Thomas, Julie Williams

Seven writers.

Twenty-one stories.

Three poems.

An emotional blend of insightful commentaries on the complications of being human in the past, present and future. Love, hatred, romance, anger, crime, war, friendship and misunderstandings blur in this eclectic vat of stories.

"Like a vintage bottle of Bordeaux, this anthology offers a heady bouquet, a crisp flavour with a deep, pleasing aftertaste. All I can say is -- cheers!" - Lavie Tidhar

"Funny, suspenseful and moving by turns: whatever your literary tastes, you're bound to find something to interest you in this engaging collection of poetry and prose by an inspiring group of writers. Between the covers of Plonk are characters who'll remain in your head for a long time; vividly-imagined places; stories that skilfully subvert all your expectations. This book stands as a testament to the rigour and tenacity of Red Wine Writers." - Emily Midorikawa

Murky Depths