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Murky Depths #3


What's Yours Is Mine Pike Stephenson [Art: Dylan Williams]
Evention Mike Webster [Lucas Hinchley]
The Suicide Bar Montilee Stormer [Jag Lall/Denis Pacher]
Nine-tenths Of The Law Edward Morris [Wayne Blackhurst]
In This the Era of the Great Wilting Jeffrey Archer-Burton [Jason Beam]
Death and the Maiden 3 Richard Calder [Richard Calder]
Shit New World Martin Hayes [James Cameron]
Maimed Hazel Marcus Ong [Glen James]
SPOILS Stan Nicholls [Johnny Lee]
The Dark Gospel 2 Luke Cooper [Luke Cooper]
Speak Ill Of The Dead Ian Faulkner [Mark Bell]
Zombie Diva Glynn Barrass [Lucas Hinchley]
The Love Ship Guide to Seduction in Zero Gravity Steve Pirie [Denis Pacher]
Sprawl and Brawl: Five Reasons Why Cyberpunk Sustains (Article) Matt Wallace
An Interview with Stan Nicholls
A list of all contributors to Murky Depths appears here.

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What people said about this issue:

" With the third issue of Murky Depths, it appears that the editorial team has hit its stride. The art is great, the pieces resonate better with each other, and the editorial hiccups have vanished." - The Fix (Michelle Lee)

"Arriving fully-formed as a professional-looking glossy production, Murky Depths has certainly grabbed attention. While issue #1 had a dark tone, issue #3 certainly lives up to its name and the "Mature Content" warning should be taken seriously. With a fairly short average story length, its 84 pages pack in more stories and comic strips than I normally manage to get through in a review." [Full Review]  - Whispers Of Wickedness (Gareth D Jones)

" This is Issue #3 and has a nice mix of dark stories, all of which got a Very Good from me." [Full Review]  - SFRevu (Sam Tomaino)

"Congratulation on such a fantastic issue . . . it's an absolutely barnstorming issue. . . It really is cracking . . ." - Glenn James

". . . how splendid . . . Murky Depths has become a very distinctive-looking journal. In three issues, you've performed wonders." - Richard Calder

"Murky Depths . . . looks as though it'll be a publication that'll make a lasting impact on the genre. The pages are crammed to bursting with a huge variety of talent. . . and the publication oozes real quality." - Wayne Blackhurst

The graphically dark anthology mixing short stories with comics, 84 perfect bound pages in American comic book format. Less than half price AND free postage!



















Murky Depths