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Murky Depths #2


The Art of War Dennis Hopeless [Art: David Ryan]
Duchess Street Kurt Kirchmeier [Frankie Wallington]
With a Whimper, With a Bang D M Moehrle [Paul O'Connell]
Super-Size Security AR Yngve [A R Yngve]
The Dark Gospel 2 Luke Cooper [Luke Cooper]
Spoil - Part 1 Stan Nicholls [Ed Norden]
Death and the Maiden 2 Richard Calder [Richard Calder]
Bernadette And The Sirens Hannah Davey [Martin Deep]
The Litter Katherine Patterson [James Fletcher]
Venus And The Birth of Zephyrus Sarah Wagnar [Mark Bell]
Yellow Warbler Jason Sizemore [Mike Lomon]
Hair Of The Dog Edward Morris [Tim Shepherd]
Phantom Payment Willie Meikle [Ricky Martin]
Poppets Mike Driver [Mark Bell]
Church Of Saturn Alex Wilson [Martin Deep]
Firewallburn Dennis Hopeless[David Ryan]
The Last Flight Sylvanus Moxley[Martin Deep]
Mixed Blood, Hybrid Nature (Article) Matt Wallace
An Interview with Darren Douglas
A list of all contributors to Murky Depths appears here.

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"There is a sense of excitement to the magazine, a willingness to do things differently and stand out from the crowd . . ." [Full Review]  - Whispers Of Wickedness (Peter Tennant)

"It should be noted before reviewing an issue of Murky Depths that the presentation is different from most other print magazines. Even the short fiction is heavily infused with moody, graphic novel stylings. From the author and illustrator biography boxes to spikes of graphic strips between some of the stories, Murky Depths is much more visual even than magazines that traditionally illustrate each story." - The Fix (Michelle Lee)

"Murky Depths has really hit its stride. It looks marvellous. Congratulations." - Richard Calder

"[This] issue is truly FANTASTIC!" - Katherine A Patterson (AlienSkin magazine)

"All in all, I like this magazine . . . if you like horrific graphic fiction, then, this is for you." [Full Review]  - SFRevu (Sam Tomaino) 

The graphically dark anthology mixing short stories with comics, 84 perfect bound pages in American comic book format. Less than half price AND free postage!



















Murky Depths