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Murky Depths #14


Performance Anxiety Greg Dunford [Art: Gibson Quarter]
Now! and Then! Part II Leila Eadie [Ian Jones]
Lilacs Damien Walters Grintalis [Martin Deep]
High Score Jeffrey B Burton [Rick Fairlamb]
Small Packages Raz Greenberg [Neil Struthers]
Phoenix Rising Adam Bealby [Zarina Liew]
Stone Neil Beynon [Kevin Levell]
Baited Breath Jim Valenti [Nathaniell Milljour]
Hellhole Luke Cooper [Luke Cooper]
Droppers Keith Rosson [Dan Havardi]
PhotoTherapy Andrew Hook [Martin Deep]
Depth Charge Matt Wallace
Interview with Montynero
Spotlight Zarina Liew
Book & DVD Reviews IE Lester
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Comment about this issue:

"And dirty!! Murky Depths #14 features the most naked people I've ever drawn in 5 pages, and oh yea, there's violence in there too! - Gibson Quarter (2000AD Forum)

The graphically dark anthology mixing short stories with comics, 84 perfect bound pages in American comic book format. Less than half price AND free postage!



















Murky Depths