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Murky Depths #12


Glory Of The Empire Jon Courtenay Grimwood [Neil Roberts]
Dead Girls- Episode 4 Richard Calder [Art: Leonardo M Giron]
Inner Space Clark Nida [Rick Fairlamb]
Shoes For The Journey Aaron Poulson [Ian Jones]
Kite James Johnson [Scott Purdy]
Life's A Grind Mathew Wimmer [Shane Tyree]
Spare Change Jay Eales [Dan Havardi]
Swampjack Jeremiah Levin [Dylan Williams]
Atlantean God - Part 1 Luke Cooper [Luke Cooper]
Strict Machine Paul L Mathews [Dexter Wee]
Warm August Tequila Jeff Crook [Smuz]
Techno Thriller Romance Eddie Jeffrey
Revelation Bill Moore
Depth Charge Matt Wallace
Interview with Steve Upham
Interview with Nicholas Dishington
Book Review x 2 IE Lester
A list of all contributors to Murky Depths appears here.

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Review of this issue:

"Issue #12 marks three years of publication whereupon it was awarded the BFS Award for best magazine. It looks like there's plenty more in store for future issues, too." [Full review] - Gareth D Jones (SF Crowsnest)

The graphically dark anthology mixing short stories with comics, 84 perfect bound pages in American comic book format. Less than half price AND free postage!



















Murky Depths