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Murky Depths #1


Looking In Looking Out Gareth D Jones [Martin Deep]
Come To My Arms My Beamish Boy Douglas Warwick [Lawrence Elwick]
Paston, Kentucky Jonathan C. Gillespie [Bob Crouch]
67442 Paul Abbamondi [Mike Lansdell]
Supply Ship Kate Kelly [Maria Taylor]
State Your Name Jon Courtenay Grimwood [Denis Pacher]
Cyberevenge Inc. Eugie Foster [Jim Cameron]
Today Is Not Michael Sellars [Jag Lall]
The Quality Of Mercy Ron Shiflet [A R Yngve]
Naught But Ash Anne Stringer [Christian Ward]
The Pattern Makets Of Zanzibar Lavie Tidhar [Johnny Lee]
Death and the Maiden 1 Richard Calder [Richard Calder]
The Other Woman Chris Lynch [Dark Smith]
Empathy Luke Cooper [Luke Cooper]
I Bleed Light Ed Norden [Ed Norden]
Snow Blind Marcie Lynn Tentchoff [AR Yngve]
An Interview with Monkeys With Machine Guns
A list of all contributors to Murky Depths appears here.

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Whispers of Wickedness (Paul Bradshaw)
Tangent (Phil Soletsky)
SFRevu (Sam Tomaino) 

Ecstatic Days (Jeff Vandemeer)

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by Jason Sizemore, editor Apex Digest

What bloggers are saying: 

"This looks interesting . . ." - Warren Ellis

"Slickly and sensitively designed, this is a magazine with a clear vision of how to jazz up our often visually staid field." - Paul Di Filippo

" I think MD is a great addition to the ranks of spec fic publications." - Simon Haynes

" . . . not only some great prose, but also some truly cool, cutting edge graphic strips. Go out and buy a copy or, better yet, subscribe." - Ian R Faulkner

"I have to congratulate the publishers . . . This is a bold production. . . a lovely object to hold and I've always been a believer in rewarding those with courage, so I'll be subscribing." - Martin McGrath

". . . what a sumptuous feast of art and words it is! . . . It must be the best quality inaugural issue in the history of SF magazines." - Gareth D Jones

"It's a fantastic feeling to hold this in my hands. . . Seriously, though, there's not a misstep in the magazine." - Anne Stringer

"And how often do you purchase something you can appreciate as art that will also entertain the shit out of you and provide many hours of phantasmagorical escapism?" - Matt Wallace

". . .if you like your SF dark I recommend this unreservedly . . ." - Neil Beynon

". . . this magazine is really luscious. It's got fantastic production values, feels more like a graphic novel than a literary 'zine." - Eugie Foster

". . . this magazine is a work of art. . . In my humble opinion, this is the magazine to watch over the coming year." - Jonathan C Gillespie

"I just finished issue #1 and I have to say that I'm very impressed...Production values on this mag are through the roof; you really should check it out." - Kurt Kirchmeier
Matt Wallace's "The Dead Man and The Berserk", which features in the Promo Issue #0 of Murky Depths, can now be heard at Variant Frequencies. Download it here. There's also a few words from Murky Depths' Publishing Editor, Terry Martin.

The graphically dark anthology mixing short stories with comics, 84 perfect bound pages in American comic book format. Less than half price AND free postage!



















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