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Dead Girls #8 - Just Like Heaven

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For Alice Liddell, Gilberte Swann, Kara Zor-El, Dolores Haze, and Wednesday Addams …

… for all girls, lost, heartbroken, and dangerous to know …

… but especially for Schrödinger’s girl aka Primavera Bobinski – a girl both alive and dead – whose cold, vital hand fervently clasps Iggy Zwakh’s own, now, as then, on the long, dark highway to Forever: a terminus befitting a girl lately risen from the dead, and her sidekick, a boy enraptured with …


Guest Cover Artist: NEIL ROBERTS

Classic cyberpunk from the cult novel of the same name by Richard Calder. Re-imaged in the hands of Filipino mangaka Leonardo M Giron. Collect the eight separate comics or buy the trade paperback featuring additional pages.









The trade paperback

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