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Dead Girls #7 - Journey To The Center Of A Girl

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Let us travel, then, deeper into the city of the night, the dream city, the city of the dolls

… and deeper still if Iggy and Primavera – our pair of star-crossed, sleepwalking, sixteen-year-old strays – are to escape a nanobot army manifest as a million Jack the Rippers, wake up, and return to something passing for home.

Yes, let us travel deeper, deeper, into the belly of the doll, to a sepulchral crossroads, its sexton and a magic toyshop filled with pretty, morbid toys …

… where a doll and a doll-dependant boy will learn of conspiracies, and of the past, present, and future of …


Guest Cover Artist: MARTIN BAINES

Classic cyberpunk from the cult novel of the same name by Richard Calder. Re-imaged in the hands of Filipino mangaka Leonardo M Giron. Collect the eight separate comics or buy the trade paperback featuring additional pages.









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