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Dead Girls #4 - Going To A Go-Go

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Welcome to the BIG WEIRD – a network of pornocracies where GYNOIDS promise to fulfil the most baroque desires! Nana Plaza is Madame Kito's stake in The Big Weird …

… and Kito – mamasan, crime boss, and lady of dark influence with three generals and a cabinet minister in her bed – is ensconced in her penthouse atop the New Grace Hotel, brooding upon sex, death, and money …

… little suspecting that Ignatz Zwakh and Primavera Bobinski are soon to call upon her and demand reparation on behalf of the world of the de luxe that is also the world of DEAD GIRLS.

Guest Cover Artist: MONTY NERO

Classic cyberpunk from the cult novel of the same name by Richard Calder. Re-imaged in the hands of Filipino mangaka Leonardo M Giron. Collect the eight separate comics or buy the trade paperback featuring additional pages.









The trade paperback

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