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Dead Girls #1 - Born To Run

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Double Trouble!

Meet PRIMAVERA BOBINSKI — just one of many adolescent females that a VIRAL-NANOTECH plague is turning into cyber-dolls, or DEAD GIRLS.

Meet IGGY ZWAKH — a DOLL-ADDICT, strung out on the narcotic, vampire-like kisses by which PRIMAVERA and her kind infect human males and replicate themselves.

Together, these two wild, teenage runaways are set to cut a bloody swathe through the mid-21st century, from London to Bangkok, forever seeking out some place where love survives and a boy and his doll might be together.

Guest Cover Artist: RICK FAIRLAMB

Classic cyberpunk from the cult novel of the same name by Richard Calder. Re-imaged in the hands of Filipino mangaka Leonardo M Giron. Collect the eight separate comics or buy the trade paperback featuring additional pages.









The trade paperback

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